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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Do You Care For a Persian cat?

Persian cats are a popular breed of cats. They are known for their easy going personalities, long fur, and their beautiful features. They make great pets for anyone, and they are not bossy. Many breeds need a lot of attention but not Persians, they need very little.
White is a common color , they come in many more colors too. When in a competition they are split up into seven sections. Tabby, smoke and solid, silver and gold, Bicolor, particular, and the Himalayan. Whatever color they are they are known for their long soft coats. In order to keep their coat clean and soft, and also to reduce the risk of sickness they should be kept indoors. This will also keep them away from cars and dogs.
They should be combed every day with some sort of metal comb. They can get their coat tangled, and that can cause hairballs. They should also get bathes often too for their coat to stay clean. If the cat is bathed from a young age they will become more accustomed to it. Persians can not maintain their coat on their own as some breeds may do. Their fur is so long that they need to be combed and bathed to keep it clean.
The Persian gets along with everyone, even children. They use their meowing and look at their owners to communicate. They don’t need a lot of attention but love it and love to be admired.They don’t like to jump or climb a lot like other cats, they just enjoy lying around. Sometimes they just love to show off their beauty. You should also take your Persian to the vet regularly. If taken care of properly including grooming, shots, and vet visits Persians can live up to twenty years.
You should keep a close look at their eyes because they are so big the cat may not be able to clean them. This should be kept up with regularly. Persians are one of the easiest cats to own, as they don’t like to jump or climb . All you need to really do is groom and feed your Persian every day. Grooming may be a lot to do and keep up with but its all worth it to have a beautiful cat.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crate Training Your Puppy

Sometimes puppies need to be in small enclosed areas in order to feel safe and secure. Putting your puppy in a crate works because it makes the puppy feels safe in his own private place. Some people think that caging their puppy is like putting them in jail. And because the crate is there safe place you never want to use it for punishment.

Make sure the crate is big enough for the dog. Getting a bigger crate is a good idea if the dog will grow into it. Make sure the dog has plenty of room to lie down, turn around, and stand or sit up in it comfortably. The first thing is to introduce the puppy to the crate. Let the puppy explore and get used to it. At first he may just go in and sniff around, but will get used to it.

Start by putting the puppy in the crate for 20 minutes at a time. You should ignore it if he starts whining. Putting a cover on the cage should help. You can also put a toy or blanket in there with them.Take the dog out of the crate after about 20 minutes, and then take them outside to go potty. If he goes potty praise him and take him back inside and play with him for a while. Then put him back in the crate. Throw a treat inside if he doesn't want to go in. Praise him when he goes in and shut the door.

Puppies can be in a crate for one hour for how many months they old they are plus one hour. So a puppy 3 months old should be able to be in the crate for 4 hours. They should never be left in a crate for more than 8 hours they need to be let out regularly to play and go potty. A schedule is the best way to train the puppy so they will comply easier.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Caring For Cats : My Thoughts

Today, cats are one of the most popular pets you can own. There are many breeds available,but the most popular are Persian and Siamese. Cats are domesticated animals, some origins from as far back as 8,000 years or further. As with any other animal, including dogs, cats need to be taken care of and cost money.

Before you get a cat you should think of the cost. One thing you'll need is cat litter, which can get expensive through the years. You will also need food dishes, a litter pan, cat carrier, bed and various other items needed in caring for a cat. Its also a good idea to get the cat some toys to play with like a scratching post, something to climb on, or even some balls or toy mice. A collar with an ID is also not a bad idea in case your cat gets lost or runs away.

What you feed the cat will have a lot to do with the age. Feeding kittens kitten food and senior cats adult or senior food is something to think about. Older cats usually need one large or two small meals per day.But Kittens need several feedings a day until they are about twelve weeks old. Cats between three and six months old need to be fed three times a day. You can feed cats canned food , but if it is left out over 30 minutes it should be thrown away. Canned food can be expensive , and you should keep in mind that some may have to be thrown out when you buy it. Cats love canned food, but it doesn`t have any benefits to their dental health the way dry food does.

You could always leave some dry food out for your cat. When you give your cat dry though, you should always make sure that he has plenty of water. Dry food is cheaper than canned food, and can help prevent the buildup of tartar on the cats teeth. When buying dry food, you should always look for health benefits, and try to stay away from generic brands. Even though generic food may cost less, it may not offer all the nutrients your pet needs.

If you have a kitten, the kitten should only be given food designed for him. You should also clean and refill the water dish daily. Although both kittens and adult cats like cow milk, you should not give it to them because it can cause diarrhea. Treats are fine once in a while but too many may cause your cat to get fat. Feeding your kitten human food on occasion is good, although you may want to mix it in with his cat food. These are just some things to think about when caring for your cat and feeding it.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Choosing the Dog For You: my Suggestions

Here are my suggestions on "Choosing the Dog For You"

Choosing the right dog for you can be a very important task. Will the kids and the dog get along? Will the other animals get along with the dog?Will the dog be friendly? These are some questions you may think about before getting a new dog, and even choosing a breed. Are you thinking of getting a purebred or even a mixed breed or maybe you just want a mutt ? Sometimes Mixed breeds are more affordable, were the purebreds can be very expensive. But Dont just reject the idea of getting a mutt fron a shelter either. Like any other dog Mutts can be just as friendly, hyper, and loyal as any other breeds.

Does size matter? Think about the size of dog you want to get. Even consider if you have room for the puppy to play. or will the dog be kept outside a lot. The puppys personality usually developes when they are around seven weeks old. You want to spend some time deciding on a dog,so you will be happy with your choice.You want to be sure you have time to cuddle with the puppy and hold him,so he gets plenty of attention.

Set down your magazine for a minute to see if the puppy goes and hides.Get on the floor with the puppy and play to see whether they have an agressive or kind attitude tward you. Their are many places to start looking for a puppy. you could even ask a friend or your vet or pet magazines.You could also check with shelters to see the dogs they have.Or there is a website you could use called

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