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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thinking Of a Chihuahua as Your Next Pet?

If your answer is yes, let me share with you some info on the two we own. To be honest we never gave a lot of thought about Chihuahuas. I guess the best way to describe the way we got our two is one was adopted and the other one adopted us. The one we adopted was from a family who already had two many pets and he needed a new home, we have had him about 2 1/2 years a little unsure of his age we think he is an older dog. My friend offered me the dog, the catch was I had to get my husband to agree, after about two days he gave in, the first thing he said to me when he saw the dog was that’s a Chihuahua, are you sure he’s got long hair and a bushy tail. He felt the dog was a Pekinese terrier mix. I insisted he was a Chihuahua I have to admit though I felt the same.

The truth is Chihuahuas come in all shapes and sizes, long and short hair, many different colors too; our second Chihuahua is that Chihuahua you see in the commercials and movies on TV. You know short hair large ears; I think you know what I’m talking about. One summer night maybe 1 1/2 years ago it was a typical evening for us, me watching my favorite TV show, my husband watching his in our spare bedroom laying down , I guess you might call it his nap before actually going to bed for the night, maybe you can relate?

My daughter burst into the room explaining to my husband that there was a dog barking in the back yard. Let me explain our back yard is fenced in with the wooden stockade type fencing. We own a couple other dogs so when she told my husband half asleep about the barking dog his thought was ok one of our dogs is barking, she insisted it wasn't. So finally my husband and daughter with mag-lite in hand started searching for the bark. They looked all around the fence outside of the fence nothing, then the last place they expected inside the fence sure enough it was a Chihuahua barking away complete with a collar and leash. Someone decided to lift the dog over our fence. Within a day or two we named her Sally she adopted us as her new family.

Maybe your place is small and can’t accommodate a large dog, you live alone, whatever your reason may be a Chihuahua is a great companion you and your family will love as your pet. If you want the facts about caring for Chihuahuas I would like to recommend an excellent and inexpensive book which will answer all the questions you might have.

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Considering A St. Bernard As Your Pet

I never really considered or thought about St. Bernard’s for a pet until one day my mother in law needed to go to an assisted living facility. We found one near our home and the people who operated the facility also raised St. Bernard’s. We have a large fenced in back yard for a large dog, so we bought one yes they are large puppies as you can imagine because they grow into large dogs.

We soon fell in love with the dog and a year later we bought another St. Bernard puppy. They grew to a size of 165lbs and 145lbs at their last vet check up. Now about six years later they are gentle giants who are great with all family members. Don’t get the thought I always had that these dogs are mountain rescue dogs with barrels around their necks.

They make great pets and I realized they give you a sense of security in your home. No matter were you live these days there seems to be crime, my dogs will sleep in my living room area against the front door and when I go upstairs to bed for the night they move to my bedroom door where my husband and I sleep. My dogs will bark to be let back in the house. They are indoor and outdoor dogs. When I’m in a part of my home putting laundry away, doing house work, etc. they will bark to let me know a stranger is at the door. It is a different type of bark than the one you her when they want to be let in the house after spending time in the yard.

When my family returns from work or school I hear no barking, only the stomp of large feet and when they see who it is my husband or kids they are greeted with a wagging tail and the look of content as you are home. If you want a sense of security in your home and a loving pet a St. Bernard might be the dog for you. Will these dogs get along with other pets? If you need an answer to this question or any other questions about St. Bernard’s I will Do my best to answer them, Thanks.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teaching Your Pup About #1 and #2

No I can’t teach your pup to count, but I can share with you some ideas to get him to do his business outdoors. The method I found to work well is to get him on a daily routine. First determine when the pup relieves himself after meals and water. Usually a quarter to a half hour, keep a written log for a few days. Now you have a good idea when he needs to go out and do his business.

Whatever your situation is I let my pup out in my fenced in back yard. If this isn’t possible take him out for a walk on his leash, normally three to four times a day. In order for your dog to learn a routine you must stay outside with your dog until he knows to do his business outside. Praise your dog for his accomplishment or reward him with a treat. Soon he will learn and associate these things with potty outdoors.

Remember your pup is a baby and accidents will happen, be patient. We all know we didn’t learn potty training in one day, Cant remember? No kids? Talk to your mom I’m sure she will have a story or two. If an accident occurs your favorite pet or department store will carry products to remove the stain and odors. Be sure to do this dogs will pick up on that urine scent and return to the same area, the urine odor should be neutralized to avoid a repeat situation.

Basic Tips for Your New Pup

When you pick out that perfect pup what’s next. Here are some tips that may be helpful. The first thing to remember is he is in a new place, possibly away from his mother, or other pups in that litter. Chances are he will whine or cry when its time to go to bed at night. Remember he’s a baby and needs your patience. Your pup will need a cozy warm bed to sleep in, if possible get him something from his mother and/or puppies from that litter. A toy or blanket with that scent on it.

Remember don’t give in its tough love time. You will never break him of this habit; you can also place a blanket over his box or indoor kennel so he learns it is his bed time. As you have already guessed puppies like to chew furniture, shoes, your favorite gloves, small items on your table, etc. Think of as it like having a baby or toddler in your home you know the saying "everything goes in the mouth.” When you find him chewing on that shoe, glove, or munching on your table leg replace it with a favorite chew toy or bone, he will then learn he chews his toys not your home.

Always praise him when that chew toy is given to him. When he is caught chewing on your personal items a firm nose needed. Striking your dog for punishment will only result in a mean or terribly shy scared dog. A puppy that has shown you he can behave disserve praise, it can be a puppy treat, or a simple neck rub, whatever your pup likes.

When feeding your new friend give him food for puppies, they contain special vitamins and nutrients. A puppy needs special puppy food, unlike adult dogs he needs to eat two or three times a day, twice as they mature. A good guide is your pet food bag which will tell you proper amounts to give him.Your vet is also a good source of information; remember check ups and vaccinations are important to give you a happy healthy dog, who will be a loyal friend for many years to come.